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FACT SHEET: As President Biden Announces Historic Transportation Investments, Extreme House Republicans Try to Slash Infrastructure Funding

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November 6, 2023
FACT SHEET: As President Biden Announces Historic Transportation Investments, Extreme House Republicans Try to Slash Infrastructure Funding
Under the Presidents leadership, the Administration is tackling long-standing infrastructure needs and making it possible to get people and goods where they need to be safely, quickly, and conveniently. Today, the President is announcing $16.4 billion in awards for passenger rail projects thanks to the Presidents Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which makes the largest investment in passenger rail since the creation of Amtrak. In contrast, House Republicansmany of whom voted for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Laware turning their backs on American infrastructure and proposing an appropriations bill that guts funding for Amtrak and makes draconian cuts to transportation and infrastructure programs.
House Republicans devastating infrastructure funding bill is just the latest example of extreme House Republicans supporting brutal cuts that would hurt the American peoplefollowing failed attempts in March ( , May ( , June ( , July ( , and September ( . As was outlined in a Statement of
Administration Policy ( , the President would veto this extreme bill that would slash support for infrastructure in communities across the country, while at the same time adding billions to the deficit with give-aways to wealthy tax cheats. Rather than putting forward these deep cuts, House Republicans need to follow the lead of the Senate and get to work on reaching a bipartisan funding dealand act immediately on the Administrations supplemental funding requests for urgent national security and domestic needs.
Extreme House Republicans draconian infrastructure funding bill would:
* Slash Amtrak funding by $1 billion, forcing reductions to service and undermining maintenance work to keep the nations passenger rail network safe and efficient. This reduction in funding would require Amtrak to reduce most, if not all long-distance services to 3x weekly frequencies, reduce certain Northeast Corridor regional train frequencies, and reduce or defer nearly 400 capital projects across the country.
* Make 85% cuts to requested funding for major transit construction projects. The bill would make an 85% cut to the Capital Investment Grants program, which funds projects that provide transformative benefits for communities across the Nation by expanding convenient and accessible transportation optionswhile also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.
* Fail to make critical investments in improving the safety and efficiency of the Nations airspace, including by funding National Airspace System technology $500 million below the Presidents Budget request, risking increased delays and cancellations due to outages and lost opportunities to improve safety.
* Cut aviation research funding by over 20 percent, which would undermine the Federal Aviation Administrations ability to promote innovations that would lower noise and emissions, improve efficiency, and help the industry keep flight costs under control.
The same bill also includes deep cuts to housing programs, which would:
* Result in 20,000 fewer affordable homes being constructed, rehabbed, or purchased in communities across the Nation due to a nearly 70% cut to the HOME Investment Partnerships Program at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
* Put 78,000 Children at Greater Risk of Lead Exposure due a rescission of over $564 million for programs that mitigate housing-related risks of lead poisoning and other illnesses and hazards to lower income families, especially children.
* And even as it makes these deep cuts to critical programs, the draconian infrastructure funding bill would also rescind $25 billion in funding for IRS enforcement. Those cuts will increase the deficit by billions of dollars by letting wealthy people and big corporations to continue to cheat on their taxes.
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