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Top StorySci/Tech / Business

Swapping out silicone in our skin and hair products

Photo of Craig BettenhausenVerified
· 4:35:50 PM EDT
More than most chemical markets, the cosmetic and personal care ingredient industry is subject to the feelings and fancies of everyday consumers. People tend to be conscious of the safety and environmental impact of the chemicals they apply directly to their skin and hair. It’s usually a good thing: the personal care sector often leads the way on sustainability, exerting influence on supply chains, novel chemistry, and industry practices. That responsiveness, though, also makes the industry susceptible to fads. Fashionable ingredients take flight far beyond what their actual performance merits, and a bit of bad press can imperil whole categories before rigorous science starts to speak. … read more in C&EN:
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Top StoryClimate / Philadelphia, PA Metro Area / New York, NY Metro Area

Climate change is increasing wildfire risk in New Jersey, new report says

Photo of P. Kenneth BurnsVerified
· 11:30:39 PM EDT
The increasing risk for wildfires is not just a problem for the western U.S. New research has found that the number of fire weather days are increasing nationwide, including in the eastern half of the country and New Jersey.
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Top StoryClimate / Business

Cement makers advance carbon capture

Photo of Craig BettenhausenVerified
· 12:46:41 PM EDT
Lafarge and Heidelberg select technologies for CO2 capture and utilization projects Two construction-material firms have selected technology partners for facilities that will capture and use some of the carbon dioxide generated at their cement plants. In British Columbia, Lafarge is adding a CO2-to-chemicals system from the start-up Dimensional Energy to CO2-capture pilot equipment from Svante that has operated at its Richmond Cement Plant since January 2021. Svante captures CO2 with solid sorbents based on metal-organic frameworks. When completed, the system will pull 1 metric ton (t) of CO2 per day from Lafarge’s cement facility and react it with hydrogen to yield roughly 180 L of hydrocarbon waxes. ... Read more in C&EN
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  • Top StoryU.S. / Politics

    Florida Republican Governor Seeks to Thwart Trump’s White House Return

    Photo of Steve Herman Verified
    · 11:41:37 PM EDT
    ‘DeSaster’ trends on #Twitter following a glitch-filled online Ron DeSantis presidential campaign launch. https://www.voanews.com/a/florida-republican-governor-seeks-to-thwart-trump-s-white-house-return/7108333.html #Election2024
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  • Top StoryHealth / New York, NY Metro Area

    ‘A celebration of life’: Herald Square Plaza art installation marks Mental Health Awareness Month, Fountain House anniversary

    Photo of Megan McGibneyVerified
    · 8:15:33 PM EDT
    Over the weekend, at Herald Square Plaza, the Fountain House gallery had an art installation marking Mental Health Awareness Month, as well as the nonprofit's 75th anniversary. The installation is now closed but will reappear this summer on Governor's Island. Read more of what I wrote for amNewYorkMetro
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    Top StoryClimate / Space

    Gulf of Mexico rocket launch tests viability of offshore spaceports

    Photo of Andrea LeinfelderVerified
    · 4:24:06 PM EDT
    Four small rockets were launched from a ship in the Gulf of Mexico on Monday, testing a startup company's plan for developing offshore spaceports that could avoid much of the environmental and public safety concerns that arise when building launch pads on solid ground. The Spaceport Company, based in northern Virginia, launched 4-inch and 6-inch diameter rockets from a vessel about 30 miles south of Gulfport, Miss. The one-year-old company wanted to demonstrate its operations and logistics, which included getting approval from federal regulators, before developing larger floating platforms that would send satellites into orbit.
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    Top StoryHarrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York, PA Metro Area / Business / Good News

    This beer collab was made by veterans

    Photo of Erin NegleyVerified
    · 1:57:07 PM EDT
    A veterans-brewed craft beer collaboration will go on tap Memorial Day weekend throughout Pa.
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  • Top StorySci/Tech / Houston, TX Metro Area

    Houston's Axiom Space sends 4 people, including first female Saudi astronaut, to space station

    Photo of Andrea LeinfelderVerified
    · 6:06:57 PM EDT
    Houston’s Axiom Space sent two Americans and two Saudis into space Sunday. The crew will reach the International Space Station Monday morning, helping the company fine-tune its space operations while giving another country access to microgravity.
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    Top StorySci/Tech

    Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin wins contract to land NASA astronauts on moon years after heated bid process

    Photo of Andrea LeinfelderVerified
    · 2:53:21 PM EDT
    Blue Origin will develop the system that lowers astronauts to the moon for NASA's Artemis V mission, the third time astronauts walk on the lunar surface in NASA's current moon program. The space agency said the announcement is aimed at boosting competition and redundancy for these human landing systems. It's also likely a response to the massive backlash NASA received in 2021 from Blue Origin and members of Congress when it selected SpaceX — and only SpaceX — to develop this system. NASA is increasingly relying on commercial companies to own and operate space hardware. And Friday's news gives two prominent billionaires a lunar realm for battle: Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000, and Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002.
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  • Top StoryU.S. / World / Politics

    G7 Imposes New Sanctions on Russia

    Photo of Steve Herman Verified
    · 8:24:38 AM EDT
    #G7 leaders’ statement on #Ukraine:
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    Top StoryU.S. / Politics / Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FL Metro Area / Business

    Disney Drops $1 Billion Florida Project

    Photo of Steve Herman Verified
    · 3:35:23 PM EDT
    Amid the fight with Gov. DeSantis, #Disney pulls the plug on a $1 billion project in #Florida.
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    Top StorySci/Tech / Houston, TX Metro Area

    Seldom-used airlock shows opportunities, pitfalls of NASA's push for space commerce

    Photo of Andrea LeinfelderVerified
    · 10:17:18 AM EDT
    Houston-based commercial space company Nanoracks hoped its airlock on the International Space Station would open at least six times a year, becoming a door to push satellites into Earth’s orbit and to do experiments in the vacuum of space. But after two years, the Bishop Airlock has only opened once. It expelled 172 pounds of space station trash to burn up in Earth’s atmosphere. The ISS is a busy place, and commercial efforts must be worked into a full schedule with competing priorities, government agendas and geopolitical tensions. “I don't see it as any sort of major negative sign to the industry,” said Greg Autry, director of Arizona State University’s Thunderbird Initiative for Space Leadership, Policy and Business. “I do think it is obvious, though, that you can make a lot of investment and get a partnership agreement with NASA and then be stuck because of other operational or geopolitical issues.”
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  • Top StorySci/Tech / Business

    OpenAI CEO asks Congress for AI regulation and a new agency

    Photo of Lindsey WilkinsonVerified
    · 9:37:35 AM EDT
    I went to the Hill yesterday to hear OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testify before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee on why he thinks they should regulate AI. Altman suggested creating a new agency to tackle the regulatory needs of the fast-paced industry.
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    and 1 more update · 11 days ago
    Lindsey Wilkinson
  • Top StoryBoston, MA (Manchester, NH) Metro Area

    Manchester quadruple shooting at graduation party

    Photo of Jessica KislukVerified
    · 11:04:12 PM EDT
    Two men charged in connection with a Manchester graduation party shooting on Saturday will be held without bail. Police said they are searching for a third suspect.
    and 1 more update · 12 days ago
    Jessica Kisluk