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· 12:24:17 PM EST
Aqualung to work with Denbury on membrane carbon capture Major CO₂ pipeline company will invest in and work with a carbon-capture start-up Aqualung, a Norwegian start-up that wants to capture carbon with membranes, has signed Denbury, the US pipeline and enhanced-oil recovery firm, as a strategic investor. Aqualung is commercializing a carbon dioxide–capture membrane based on research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It uses immobilized amines and water vapor to selectively push CO2 to the inside of hollow polymer fibers, a configuration that the company says eliminates the need to regenerate a CO2 sorbent. Most commercial-scale carbon-capture operations are based on an aqueous amine sorbent that must be regenerated in an energy-intensive process. Read more in C&EN:
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